Maverick Money Makers is it a Scam?

Published: 10th March 2009
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So you have done some research into online marketing and you have come across

a very smooth character by the name of Mack Michaels of the Maverick Money

Makers fame and you are wondering if he is just another of the many scam artists

preying on the unwary and plundering their hard earned cash. Everyday there

seems to be a new con artist launching his latest scam product to trap the

folks trying to learn how to tap into the very lucrative online marketplace.

The question we are confronted with is Mack Michaels just another one?

Firstly I say congratulations to you for doing what many people don't do first

and that is research before diving in to the latest offer to hit their inbox.

So yes, doing what you just did and typing into Google, "Mack Michaels

scam" or "maverick money makers scam" and hitting enter is the

first place to start in determining whether or not someone else has been complaining

about this person or not. In your research I suggest that you take and hold

lightly mere anecdotal references from people who may be claiming that the

Maverick Money Makers program has delivered on it's promises. Anyone can make

these claims and a lot of people simply lie to convince you to buy something

from them, or at the very least it is difficult to determine if they are telling

the truth or not. So how do you find out if Maverick Money Makers is a scam

or not?

Find Someone Who Has Used Maverick Money Makers and Ask Them.

I Joined The Maverick Money Makers On February 26 2009. I can tell you my

experiences and you can choose to believe me or not. But the very best way

to find out if Maverick Money Makers is a scam or not, is to join and test

out his claims for yourself. This is what I did and I would like to report

on what I have found out to be either good, bad (plain out and out lies) or

indifferent. I am a professional web designer and have a lot of experience

with internet marketing and I was curious to see if I could learn something

from Mack Michaels, and besides it is a Clickbank product so the question of

a refund is out of his hands and is secured by Clickbank themselves.

Clickbank prides itself on their rock solid 56 day or 8 week, refund policy

so there is no risk if you keep an eye on the calendar and return any product

in time for a full refund. Of course you will have invested time and this in

itself cannot be refunded but this is a risk you take with any venture where

you invest your time. This is where leveraging someone else's time is probably

better, than investing your own, if time is of the essence, and let's face

it if someone has gone before you, better to learn from their mistakes or experience

if it is available. You know what they say, "It is better to be a settler rather

than a pioneer".

Mack Michaels Big Claims On The Sales Page.

The first time I read the sales page for Maverick Money Makers I was very

impressed with the quality of the presentation and the material that Mack puts

forward. Especially impressive is the look inside one of his affiliate network

accounts, Millnic Media, where Mack shows you (apparently) his $2.6 million

in total commissions to date. He goes to great length to prove that he is online

and this is a live account and at first look it seems legitimate. What he shows

you can be faked but this looked honest and real. (For a professional conman,

what is done in his video is difficult to do, but not impossible and it had

me fooled for a long time unitl...)

Summary: Mack Michaels and the Maverick Money Makers are explained in more

detail in my indepth review of his program that I have been testing for almost

two months now. You should read this before you decide to either purchase Maverick

Money Makers or look elsewhere, which can be found on my website article at

Word of warning, don't be fooled like I was by the smoothness of this character

and his slick presentation. I will give this to Mack (if that is his real name)

and that is a lot of his information is useful and helpful for those who are

new to affiliate marketing but there is a lot of misinformation mixed in that

either requires further explannation (which is missing) or is just plain incorrect.

I will also show you where you can get the same information he wants to sell

you, for free. What I recommend, unlike Maverick Money Makers, is free to join.

To get the complete story on the Maverick Money Makers program click here:

This article has been written by Greg Gillespie website designer and internet marketing consultant with over 12 years experience in online and offline advertising and marketing.

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